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OTaN Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OTaN extra virgin olive oil is a premium quality natural product. We use only the finest quality olives, and the best olive oil extraction of the industry. Finally we ensure it maintains all of its flavour, aroma and nutrients when it reaches your plate.

Your salads will never taste the same!

OTaN Seasoned Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chillies Chillies Seasoned Olive Oil

For chili lovers! Our extra virgin olive oil flavoured with chili peppers has a delightfully piquant kick.

It gives a great touch on pasta, vegetables, chicken, fish, and rice. Drizzle on soup, sauces and stews. It’s also a perfect add on for Mexican cuisine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic Garlic Seasoned Olive Oil

This versatile oil has a rich garlic flavour and is ideal for dressing salads, barbecued/roasted meat, chicken and seafood.

Highly recommended on pasta. Finally, drizzle over toasted bread for instant garlic bread.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon Lemon Seasoned Olive Oil

Extra virgin oil olive with lemon flavour. An infusion with a unique character.

A spoonful of this lemon flavoured olive oil will give your fish marinate a fresh, mediterranean twist. Highly recommended for all fish and seafood dishes. Ideal for dressing salads and vegetables.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano Oregano Seasoned Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil with oregano infusion, allows you to experience the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine by just drizzling it on a slice of fresh bread, salads or vegetables. Use it to marinade meat and fish or as an herbal note in vinaigrette.

Indulge your palate by using this oil on baked potatoes or toasted bread.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rosemary Rosemary Seasoned Olive Oil

Rosemary is an herb full of vitamins and antioxidants it helps digestion and improves circulatory and respiratory disorders.

The sophisticated flavour of fresh herb is ideal for all kinds of meat, fish, potatoes, as well as a dressing for salads and pasta.

It is highly recommended as marinade for lamb roast and chicken!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Thyme Thyme Seasoned Olive Oil

The refreshing thyme flavoured extra virgin olive oil, is an excellent touch for marinate chicken, fish and meat. Use with roasted meats and vegetables, on bread and in casseroles dishes.

Try it also in combination with OTaN lemon seasoned olive oil.