GR Goods

We are a company based in Crete, specialising in local products. Our years of experience in local products, gives us the advantage in identifying and assessing the quality of natural products our land has to offer.

GR Goods was created from our passion for high quality food products and excellence in taste. Greek and especially Cretan products have been famous for their quality for over five thousand years, since before the Minoan civilisation. Crete produces high quality product due to its geographical position, morphology of terrain and favourable climate. Since the ancient times, Crete has been exporting olive oil, herbs and mountain tea, honey and other products.

Our aim is to promote the consumption of natural products and to introduce the key ingredients of the healthy Mediterranean diet and specifically Cretan diet to each household at a fair price.

To achieve that we carefully monitor each step of the process. We start from the selection of the product, its production, bottling and packaging, shipping and finally its retail.

We comply with the strictest quality standards of the food industry, and we strive to produce some of the highest quality food products in the market, with emphasis on value for money.

Our first line of products is the OTaN extra virgin olive oil. It is produced from the finest quality olives, cold pressed using only mechanical means to extract the olive oil. No chemicals are used during this process. Our premium, organic and extra virgin olive oil has a maximum acidity of 0.3%, and are of superior flavour and aroma.

GR Goods believes in sustainable development. We strive to form partnerships with suppliers as well as our clients. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers and business partners.

Popular products

Extra virgin olive oil Organic Extra virgin olive oil

New products

Extra virgin olive oil with chillies Extra virgin olive oil with lemon Extra virgin olive oil with rosemary Extra virgin olive oil with thyme