Chilly Seasoned Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chillies

For chilli lovers! Chilli peppers infused in extra virgin olive oil for a delightfully piquant kick.

It gives a great touch on pasta, vegetables, chicken, fish, and rice. Drizzle on soup, sauces and stews. It’s a perfect add on for Mexican cuisine.

It is one of our most popular seasoned oils and is used to spice up a wide variety of dishes.

Packaging information for Dorica bottles

Size 250 ml
Length [cm] 30.50
Width [cm] 20
Height [cm] 22.10
Bottles / Box 24
Box Weight [Kg] 11.40
Boxes / Layer 16
Layers 5
Boxes / Pallet 80
Weight / EURO Pallet 912
Pallet Height [cm] 126.50