Oregano Seasoned Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano

“Origanum vulgare” Greek meaning "joy of the mountains” commonly, found Cretan mountains and most Mediterranean countries. Oregano is an herb widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to pleasant food flavour, it strong antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties contributes health benefits. Oregano also contains fiber, iron, manganese, vitamin E, iron, calcium, omega fatty acids.

Our extra virgin olive oil with oregano infusion, allows you to experience the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine by just drizzling it on a slice of fresh bread, on salad and vegetables. Use it to marinade meat and fish or as an herbal note in vinaigrette.

Indulge your palate by using this oil on baked potatoes or toasted bread.

Packaging information for Dorica bottles

Size 250 ml
Length [cm] 30.50
Width [cm] 20
Height [cm] 22.10
Bottles / Box 24
Box Weight [Kg] 11.40
Boxes / Layer 16
Layers 5
Boxes / Pallet 80
Weight / EURO Pallet 912
Pallet Height [cm] 126.50