Lemon Seasoned Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon

Extra virgin olive oil with lemon flavour.

Fresh lemons are crashed together with the olives in order to infuse the lemon flavour and scent in our olive oil.

A spoonful of this lemon flavoured olive oil will give your fish marinate a fresh, mediterranean twist. Highly recommended for all fish and seafood dishes. Ideal for dressing salads and vegetables.

Packaging information for Dorica bottles

Size 250 ml
Length [cm] 30.50
Width [cm] 20
Height [cm] 22.10
Bottles / Box 24
Box Weight [Kg] 11.40
Boxes / Layer 16
Layers 5
Boxes / Pallet 80
Weight / EURO Pallet 912
Pallet Height [cm] 126.50